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Do you know aluminium 5083 h111?

Last Updated: 2022-09-04

5083 Aluminum Alloy – Supplied in sheet marine grade tempers H116, H321, H111; to spec ASTM B928. Tempers.O, H111, H32; to spec ASTM B209, and extrusion shapes in various tempers and specifications. This is an excellent marine environment corrosion resistant aluminum alloy, It is primarily an alloy used for its corrosion resistant properties as it is especially good on inter granular corrosion resistance. Also, the tensile and yield strength is higher than 5086 alloy, so often these properties too are used by designers for their aluminum vessels. This alloy also has good welding capabilities for fabricating vessels. 5083 is also in inventory as H32 temper which is a good standard engineering alloy, but it does not have the corrosion resistance of the other special marine tempers.

5083 aluminum sheet application: Due to its strength and temperature characteristics, 5083 aluminum sheet is used in: pressure vessels truck, marine, underwater vehicles cryogenic equipment””

Alloy 5083 aluminum sheet have higher strength than 5052 sheet and has exceptional thermal conductivity. In the tempered condition, it retains good formability due to excellent ductility. It is highly suitable for welding and can be hardened by cold work. Because Alloy 5083 exhibits excellent resistance to general corrosion, it is used in marine applications. Since Alloy 5083 is capable of withstanding extremely low temperatures without brittleness or loss of properties, it is especially suited to the cryogenic market.

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