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How should aluminum sheet extruded surface peeling bubble do?

Last Updated: 2020-09-17

In the kneading process of aluminium sheet, there will be skin or bubbles on the surface. What is the cause of formation? What can be done to eliminate it?

What is bubble or peeling: convex bubbles appear on the appearance of prodsucts, often seen in the head, and tail, completely called bubbles, which have been broken called peeling.

Aluminum sheet kneading bubble, peeling reason.

  • Kneading cylinder and kneading pad wear is poor, kneading cylinder and kneading pad scale cooperation is inappropriate, the diameter difference of the gasket exceeds the allowable value;
  • Kneading cylinder and kneading pad are too dirty and sticky with oil, water, graphite, etc. Lubricating oil contains water;
  • The appearance of the ingot shovel groove is too much, or too deep, or the appearance of the ingot has pores, sand holes, loose organization, oil pollution, etc.
  • When replacing the alloy, the inside of the cylinder is not cleaned;
  • Kneading cylinder temperature and kneading ingot temperature are too high;
  • Ingot temperature and scale exceedance tolerance negative error;
  • The ingot is too long, the ingot is filled too fast, and the ingot temperature is uneven, causing non-drum filling, so the exhaust inside the cylinder is not complete, or the operation is not correct, and the exhaust process is not performed.
  • The die hole planning is not reasonable, or the residual material is not appropriate, the residual material in the shunt hole and the diversion hole is partially taken out, and the gas in the gap enters the appearance when kneading.

Aluminum sheet kneading bubble, peeling elimination method.

  • Reasonable planning kneading cylinder and kneading gasket cooperation scale, often check the scale of things, to ensure that meets the requirements, kneading cylinder appeared belly should be repaired in time, kneading pad can not be out of tolerance;
  • Things, ingot appearance to keep clean, lubricated, and boring; When replacing alloy, clean cylinder thoroughly;
  • Check equipment and instruments frequently to avoid excessive temperature and speed;
  • Strictly implement the process rules and standards;
  • Reasonable planning and prodsuction of mold, diversion hole, and shunt hole planning into 1°-3° internal inclination;
  • Strict operation, correct shear residue, and thorough exhaust.

I believe that at this moment we have a deep understanding of the causes of bubbles and peeling of aluminum sheet kneading. To avoid these problems in daily prodsuction, we can reduce losses and improve the rate of finished prodsucts.

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