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how to age corrugated metal

Last Updated: 2022-10-10

  • Chemical treatments: There are several commercial prodsucts available that can be applied to corrugated metal to give it an aged look. One popular prodsuct is called “Instant Rust,” which can be sprayed onto the metal to create a rusted patina. Other options include vinegar, saltwater, and bleach solutions that can be applied to the metal to promote rust or corrosion.
  • Natural weathering: You can also age corrugated metal simply by exposing it to the elements. Leaving the metal outside in the sun, rain, and wind can cause it to naturally rust and corrodse over time. This process can take several months or even years, depending on the climate and conditions.
  • Painting techniques: You can also use paint to create an aged look on corrugated metal. Apply a base coat of paint in a color that contrasts with the final color you want to achieve, then apply a top coat of paint using a dry-brushing technique to add texture and give the metal an aged, weathered appearance.
  • Sanding or wires-brushing: For a more subtle aged look, you can use sandpaper or a wires brush to lightly rough up the surface of the metal. This can create a slightly worn, distressed look without completely changing the appearance of the metal.

Before attempting any of these methods, be sure to test the process on a small area of the corrugated metal first to ensure that you achieve the desired effect.

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