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How to calculate aluminum sheet price per ton per kg?

Last Updated: 2020-09-22

How to calculate aluminum sheet price per ton per kg?

The unit price of aluminum sheet, that is, “how much is aluminum sheet per ton or per kg”, is one of the most concerned problems of every purchasing customer. In terms of technology, aluminum sheet refers to the rectangular sheet made by rolling aluminum ingot, which can be divided into pure aluminum sheet, alloy aluminum sheet, thin aluminum sheet, medium thickness aluminum sheet, patterned aluminum sheet. The alloy can be divided into 1-8 series. Aluminum sheets vary in size, thickness and thousands of specifications. So how to calculate the price of aluminum sheet? What are the determinants of the price of aluminum sheet per ton?

  1. Aluminum ingot price

Everyone knows that the price of aluminum ingots changes every day. Therefore, manufacturers’ quotations for aluminum sheet prodsucts of the same specification will also change with the fluctuation of aluminum ingot prices. For example, the price of aluminum ingots on a certain day in a certain month is 10960, but today’s price is 9900. If you buy aluminum sheets now, the price per ton of aluminum sheets will be at least 1060 yuan cheaper.

  1. Processing costs

The per ton processing cost of different alloy grades prodsucts is different. Even if the aluminum sheet of the same model and specification is inquired in several different aluminum sheet enterprises, there may be several different costs. This is related to the manufacturer’s equipment capacity, prodsuct quality and other costs.

  1. Freight

For large-scale aluminum industrial prodsucts, logistics transportation is an important part of aluminum sheet sales. The length of transportation distance and the number of goods affect the calculation of aluminum sheet freight. Generally speaking, the average transportation cost per ton of aluminum sheet is 300-500. In general, some larger manufacturers are equipped with more perfect logistics system, which can save some overall transportation costs.

Now, we can see: aluminum sheet price = (aluminum ingot price processing fee freight) * quantity.

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