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How to choose mirror aluminum sheet?

Last Updated: 2020-02-08

As a decorative material, the quality of mirror aluminum sheets is particularly important, so users should pay special attention when purchasing mirror aluminum sheets. Below, Signi Aluminum Factory will introdsuce you to the selection criteria for mirror aluminum panels.

1. There are no cracks, corrosion, and edge cracks on the surface of the aluminum sheet, and there is no diffusion spot on the surface of the sheet with a thickness greater than 0.6 mm;

2. The surface of the aluminum sheet is allowed to have slight pressure scratches, metal, and non-metallic indentations, stab wounds, scratches, roll marks, and pine tree-like patterns. However, the thickness of various defects shall not exceed the allowable negative deviation of the sheet thickness, and a small thickness shall be guaranteed;

3. On the surface of each square sheet, the total area of air bubbles should not exceed 100mm2

4. When processing composite aluminum sheets, whether exposed parts of the coating and surface bubbles are allowed;

5. The defects of the board are allowed to be checked with 400 grit sandpaper, and the grinding depth shall not exceed the allowable thickness deviation; the edges of the board should be cut neatly without burrs.

In addition, there is a very important point. There are no central delaminations and cracks inside the mirror aluminum sheet. Consumers must check carefully when purchasing.

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