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Material comparison of composite aluminum sheet and aluminum alloy veneer

Last Updated: 2018-02-09

Composite aluminum sheetAluminium alloy veneer
The materialTwo layers of 0.5mm thick pure aluminum sheet, sandwiched with PVC or PEC plastic, rolled and hot bonded2-3mm aluminum alloy sheet
Fluorine carbon coatingThe coating thickness is generally 20 μmThe coating thickness is usually 30-40 μm after two or three sprays
colorThere are a variety of colors to choose from, color is basically divided into monochrome and magic color. Patented color prodsucts have a layer of film on the surface, good durability, good color identityColor optional according to design and client’s requirements
lifeDomestic sheet about 10 years, imported sheet color and strength can reach more than 20 years, maintenance freeAs long as 15 years, mostly due to weather wind pressure deformation, panel color flower
enclosedThe four openingsThe four corners are tightly welded
Wind resistanceThe wind pressure deformation resistance is small, and the wind pressure strength of the imported composite sheet is very highStrong deformation resistance to wind pressure, easy deformation
Resistance to temperature changesThe expansion coefficient of aluminum sheet is quite different from that of plastic, so it is easy to blister and peelThe same material, temperature changes when the wall panel itself has no effect
Ray resistanceLightning resistance, strong electricity is difficult to ground through the composite aluminum sheet, 0.5mm thick aluminum sheet will be broken downIt can act as a good conductor of electricity, sending huge lightning currents to the ground quickly through the
building’s grounding system
processabilityCan be processed on site, can cope with the size change caused by the construction error on siteMade by the manufacturer, it has poor adaptability to the errors of field construction and high requirements for
secondary design
To realizeGenerally 80%—95%100%
yieldIf the groove depth is not well controlled, the outer aluminum sheet will be damaged, resulting in bending and fracture, resulting in waste prodsucts. The rate of good prodsucts is generally 96%——98%Factory prodsuction, yield of 100%
The environmental protectionIt involves the selection of core material. General core material in high temperature will prodsuce harmful gas, not fire, difficult to recoverFireproof, easy to recycle, no environmental pollution
Scope of applicationSuitable for curtain wall engineeringSuitable for facade decoration, elevated corridor, pedestrian bridge, low curtain wall
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