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The difference between Hot rolling mill aluminum sheet and cold rolled aluminum sheet

Last Updated: 2021-06-03

Hot rolling mill aluminum sheet generally refers to the rolling of metal above the crystallization temperature. Compared with ordinary cast-rolled prodsucts, hot-rolled aluminum sheet has good surface quality, while the mechanical properties as well as ductility are stronger and oxidation effect is good.

Cold rolling aluminum sheet is also called cast aluminum sheet, cold rolling usually refers to the rolling of metal below the recrystallization temperature. Cold rolled aluminum sheet prodsuces work hardening, an increase in the strength and deformation resistance of the metal, accompanied by a decrease in plasticity.

The difference between cold-rolled aluminum sheet and hot-rolled aluminum sheet is to be said from six aspects: price, raw material supply, prodsuction process, performance, application and finished prodsucts.

1, price: cold-rolled aluminum sheet process is simple, the price is cheaper than the hot-rolled aluminum sheet.

2, the raw material supply is different: the difference between the two in the supply of billet material is not the same.

Hot-rolled material: aluminum ingots – melting and casting into flat ingots – milling – homogenization annealing – hot-rolled into sheets and strips

Cold rolled material: ingots – melted – rolled into strips by casting and rolling mill.

Compared with the two, cold-rolled material prodsuction efficiency, but for example, like the composition of deviations, inclusions and other defects are not easy to solve, the quality is not as good as hot-rolled material;

3, the prodsuction process is different: cold-rolled is a casting mill processing into a cast roll (8mm thickness) through the cold rolling mill processing, and hot-rolled is an aluminum ingot (400-500mm thickness) heating, in the high temperature by the hot rolling mill rolling from;

4, different performance: hot-rolled aluminum surface quality, while the mechanical properties and ductility of stronger, good oxidation effect;

5, the use of different, cold-rolled aluminum sheet more for the mold class, hot-rolled aluminum sheet suitable for stamping and drawing aspects.

6, the finished prodsuct difference: usually cold-rolled prodsucts have a lower elongation than hot-rolled prodsucts.

Customers in the choice of aluminum sheet, must pay attention to the use of aluminum sheet, if the mold with cold-rolled aluminum sheet, then the mold made in terms of hardness and durability is not as good as the cold-rolled sheet. And cold-rolled aluminum sheet is used for stamping and drawing processing, because of the weak tensile ability and high hardness of cold-rolled aluminum sheet, it is easy to fracture.

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