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What are the factors that affect the quality of aluminum sheets?

Last Updated: 2020-07-06

1. Cut corners

With the continuous improvement of the national quality control system, the phenomenon of cutting corners is not as rampant as before. However, in order to reduce prodsuction costs, there are still some companies who take risks by cutting corners and using molds of substandard quality in the process of prodsucing aluminum veneer prodsucts. , Resulting in unqualified wall thickness of the aluminum sheet stressed member.

2. mixed raw materials

Since the aluminum veneer industry has not yet established a relatively complete and mature industry standard, the quality of raw materials is uneven. Some companies want to win in the fierce market competition at low prices, so they use mixed aluminum with different compositions or mix recycled aluminum raw materials into the raw materials to reduce prodsuction costs.

3. Lax supervision

Some companies have not established a complete supervision system, and there are loopholes in the supervision of raw materials, which allow some raw materials that do not meet the chemical elements to be mixed into them, resulting in the phenomenon that the chemical elements contained in the aluminum veneer prodsucts prodsuced seriously exceed the standards.

4. The measurement is not timely

During the aluminum veneer coating process, it is necessary to configure a solution virus. If during the configuration process, the configuration is not performed in accordance with relevant regulations, and the concentration of the solution is not determined in time, the oxide film will be thinner and will not reach the standard thickness.

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