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What are the precautions for the installation of perforated aluminum panels?

Last Updated: 2018-11-17

1. The most important process before using the perforated aluminum sheet is the accurate measurement of the construction site data. The general tape measure will have a large measurement error, which will cause the tight seam splicing to fail to meet the standard requirements during installation. Be sure to use an infrared rangefinder for accurate measurements.
2. When perforating the perforated aluminum sheet, do not process all the aluminum sheets at one time. The last aluminum sheet and the corner sheet in the construction area should not be processed temporarily. After all the perforated aluminum sheets in the construction area are installed, Take measurements, measure the exact size and then pierce, avoiding rework and economic waste.
3. The perforated aluminum sheet is a metal decorative sheet, so the outer coating is easy to scratch. Therefore, it is necessary to handle with care to avoid heavy objects during construction and handling, otherwise it will affect the overall appearance of the aluminum sheet.
4. When the perforated aluminum veneer is installed by sticking, it is necessary to use glass magnesium board or large core board with good waterproof function as the base board, and can not use gypsum board. Because the strength of the gypsum board is relatively low, it cannot be firmly bonded to the aluminum board, and the gypsum board has no waterproof effect. There are usually various drainage tubes in the ceiling. Once leakage occurs, it will cause the whole aluminum board. fall off.

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