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What is the difference between aluminum A1050 H24 and H14?

Last Updated: 2020-01-26

Aluminum alloy No. 1050, H stands for work hardening state, Hxx state description: The first digit 1 stands for simple work hardening state, suitable for the required strength without additional heat treatment, only work hardening. The second digit represents the hardened state, the number 0 represents the annealing, ie the soft state, 8 represents the hard state, 9 represents the super-hard state, and the numbers 1 to 7 represent the state between 0 (annealed) and 8 (hard state).

Corresponding to H14 representative: without heat treatment, only work hardening, so that the tensile strength of the material reaches the intermediate value of 0 (annealing) and 8 (hard state), that is, the average.

The meaning of each digit in 1050-H24 is as follows:

  • The first Arabic number 1 represents pure aluminum (pure aluminum is aluminum with an aluminum content of more than 99%. In addition to the ones beginning with one, there are also those beginning with 2-8. 2### is copper aluminum magnesium alloy, 3### is aluminum manganese alloy, 4### is aluminum silicon alloy, 5### aluminum magnesium alloy, etc.)
  • The second Arabic number 0 indicates the original alloy.If it is 1, it indicates that the original alloy has been modified once, and 2 indicates that the original alloy has been modified twice.
  • Third and fourth digits 50 The two Arabic data in pure aluminum indicate the value after the pure aluminum content is 99%, 50 indicates the pure aluminum with 99.50% aluminum content, and the standard 1060 indicates that the aluminum content is 99.60% pure aluminum, 1070 means pure aluminum with an aluminum content of 99.70%. The following two Arabic numerals in alloy aluminum have no special meaning, and are only used to identify different alloys in the same group, and the second digit indicates the modification. .
  • H in H24 indicates the state of work hardening, and some does not use H but T indicates the state of heat treatment. 24 indicates the processing technology to control the hardness and other physical properties, in addition to 24, there are 12, 14, 16, 18, 22, 26 , 34, 36, etc., usually 4 ends in the semi-hard state. 1060O state, 1060-H22, 1060-H24, 1060-H18 are arranged from soft to hard.
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