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What should I pay attention to in the use of aluminum sheet?

Last Updated: 2020-02-26

Aluminum sheets are widely used in engineering decoration, home decoration, communication electronics, transportation facilities, heat preservation and corrosion protection, fine decoration, automobile manufacturing and other fields. So, what are the knowledge points in the use of aluminum sheets?

Aluminum sheet use

  1. Aluminum sheet storage: It should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, and placed flat on the surface, and do not step on or hit it.
  2. Aluminum sheet handling: The sides of the sheet should be lifted at the same time to avoid scratching the surface of the sheet.
  3. Aluminum sheet grooving: When grooving with a slotting machine or a gong machine, you should use a half-round end milling cutter. Regardless of whether the damage to the aluminum sheet is too deep, not too shallow, and not easy to fold, the 0.2-0.3mm thick plastic core should be bent together with the aluminum sheet to increase strength and toughness, otherwise the aluminum sheet may break or the paint film may break when it is bent.
  4. Bending aluminum sheet: When bending the edge, the stress is even, forming once, do not bend repeatedly, otherwise the aluminum sheet may break.
  5. Arc processing of aluminum sheet: Special bending equipment should be used to process the arc so that the sheet gradually reaches the required surface without bending at one time.
  6. Batches of aluminum sheets: aluminum sheets of the same type and different batches may have color differences. When selling and using different batches of paper, a color difference comparison program should be added. Our company mainly deals in alloy aluminum sheets, aluminum checkered sheets and so on. It can be used on the same plane only if there is no visual chromatic aberration.
  7. Aluminum sheet installation direction: when the same color aluminum sheet is installed on the same plane, the flow direction should be the same, otherwise it will prodsuce visual color difference.
  8. Aluminum sheet tearing film: tear off the protective film within 45 days after the aluminum sheet is installed, otherwise it is difficult to tear the film or glue transfer occurs.
  9. Conditions for use of aluminum panels: Indoor wall panels should be used indoors and must not be installed outdoors to ensure the use effect and service life.
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