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Why 3104 H19 aluminum is used to make can body?

Last Updated: 2023-09-13

Why cans body use 3104 H19 aluminum?

3104 H19 aluminum alloy has up to 20% elongation, high tensile strength greater than 275Mpa, it is a kind of aluminum alloy suitable for deformation, has good deep punching performance and processing ductility, good stability in stamping, the tempering of H19 also makes aluminum cans have a certain strength, this is the reason why 3104 H19 aluminum alloy is suitable for making aluminum can body.

aluminum can body

3104 H19 aluminum can body material is usually delivered in the form of aluminum coils.

3104 h19 aluminum coil

Definition of aluminum cans.

3104 Aluminum can body is cylindrical containers made of aluminum, used to hold various items, such as beverages, food, oil, chemicals, etc. The most common in life is the cans of easy-to-drink cans and beer.

History of aluminum cans.

From the 1960, aluminum cans were first used in the packaging of beverages, and have since gradually become a widely used form of packaging. Over time, the use of aluminum cans has expanded from single beverage packaging to packaging for food, pharmaceuticals and other products.

easy-to-drink beer

Advantages of aluminum as a can material

  1. Aluminum cans are light in weight and strong in strength. Aluminum is a lightweight metal that is also strong, making it an ideal material for cans.
  2. Aluminum cans have good barrier properties. Aluminum has excellent barrier properties that protect the contents of the can from air, light, moisture and other external factors.
  3. Recyclability and sustainability. Aluminum cans are highly recyclable, do not pollute the environment, reduce the need for new aluminum production, and conserve natural resources.
  4. Cost-effectiveness. Aluminum cans can be melted back into the furnace and reused, which can significantly reduce costs.

Aluminum coil hot rolling mill

What are the alloys that can be used as raw materials for aluminum can ends?

Usually the following four alloys are used as raw materials for aluminum can lids by aluminum can lid purchasers.

3104 H48 aluminum coil
5182 H48 aluminum coil
5052 H48 aluminum coil
5042 H48 aluminum coil

Prospect of aluminum cans

Aluminum cans will be used more often in the future, and aluminum, as a recyclable metal material, reduces environmental damage and has a low carbon footprint.

We call for 100% recycling of tried and tested aluminum cans, not buried deep in the ground like ordinary garbage, which pollutes the environment and increases production costs.

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