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2A02 T6 Aircraft Aviation Aluminum Forgings

Last Updated: 2023-04-20

Prodsuct Introdsuction

2A02 Aircraft Aerospace Aluminum Bar Forgings is a kind of alloy with high strength in hard aluminum. It is characterized by high strength at normal temperature and high thermal strength, which belongs to heat-resistant hard aluminum. The alloy has high plasticity during hot deformation. It has a tendency to form coarse grain ring in extruded semi-finished prodsucts, which can be strengthened by heat treatment and used in quenching and artificial aging. Compared with 2A70 and 2A80 heat-resistant forging aluminum, the corrosion stability is better, but it has the tendency of stress corrosion cracking, and the weldability is better than that of 2A70, and the machinability is good.

Chemical Composition

2A02 Aluminum Forgings Chemical Composition
ZnTiOther eachOther totalAl


Main Features

The heat treatment strengthened alloy, Al-Cu-Mg system, has high strength and plasticity, high heat resistance and corrosion resistance in artificial aging. It is used to manufacture aero turbojet axial compressor blades and other parts at 200 --300ºC.

Mechanical Properties

Tensile strength  σb (MPa)≥430
Proof strength  σ0.2 (MPa)≥275
Elongation   δ5 (%)≥10

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