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Forged Aerospace Aviation Aluminum Forgings

Last Updated: 2023-03-25

Prodsuct Description

Forging refers to the forging method of obtaining forgings by using molds to mold blanks on special die-forging equipment. This method prodsuces forgings with precise size, small processing margin, and high complex prodsuctivity.

The process of forging and forming metal billets with forging molds on a die-forged hammer or press. The mold forging process has high prodsuction efficiency, low labor intensity, precise size, small processing capacity, and forging of forgings with complex shapes; However, the high cost of molds, the need for special forging equipment, not suitable for single-piece or small-scale prodsuction.

We offer wide range of Aluminum forged automotive components, which are widely used in various industries for several applications. Our range of Forged Automotive Components features freedom from blow holes and porosity, high Strength due to better grain structure, close dimensional accuracy along with smooth finish and reduction in the weight of the component thus resulting in reduced cost of the component. 

Prodsuct Specification

We can customize it according to our customers' drawings.


Chemical Composition(GB/T 3190-2008)
20240.50. 503.8~4.90.30~0.901.2~1.80. 100. 250. 150.050.15Remainder

Prodsuct Application

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