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2618 Aluminum Forging Bar Aluminum Forged Billet

Last Updated: 2023-07-18

Prodsuct Description

2618 is a kind of heat-resistant and deformed aluminium alloy which can be strengthened by heat treatment. Its working temperature can be up to 250 ºC. It is used to manufacture long-term working supersonic aircraft structural parts, such as fuselage and wing skin frame, tail wing, parts and components of low-speed aircraft whose working temperature is not higher than 150 ºC, and parts of jet engine whose working temperature is not higher than 250 ºC.


Chemical Composition

2618 Aluminum Main Ingredients (%): Silicon Si:0.10-0.25 Iron Fe:0.9-1.3 Copper Cu:1.9-2.7 Magnesium Mg:1.3-1.8 Zinc Zn:0.10 Titanium Ti:0.04-0.10 Nickel Ni:0.9-1.2 Aluminum Al: Margin

The company is capable to research,develop and prodsuce high technology content, high value-added aluminum alloy, titanium alloy,high temperature alloy and high strength structural steel forgings. The prodsucts cover aviation, shipbuilding, petrochemical, rail transportation, energy, marine and other industriesthat require high-end forgings.

The 2618 aluminum alloy has high strength and good cutting properties, but is less resistant to corrosion. Mainly used in rivets, general mechanical parts, aircraft, ships, transportation, construction components, transportation structures, propeller components and accessories.

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