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2014 Forged Aluminum Tube

Last Updated: 2023-11-20

1.Prodsuct Introdsuction

2014 forged aluminum tube is an aluminum tube made by forging. Forging is a tube that is forged with impact force.

2014 forged aluminum tube use forging machinery to apply pressure to metal blanks to plastically deform them to obtain forging methods with certain mechanical properties, certain shapes and sizes. Through continuous tapping of the tube, the original segregation, loosening, porosity, and slag inclusions in the aluminum ingot are compacted and welded, and the structure becomes tighter, improving the plasticity and mechanical properties of the metal.

2.Chemical composition

2014 Alloy Composition

3.Mechanical properties

Tensile strength (Mpa): 499-504

Yield strength (Mpa): 450-452

Elongation (%): 7.5-7.5

Hardness (HB): 135-142

4.Prodsuct application

Mainly used in petroleum, chemical, machinery, construction, nuclear power, aerospace, transportation and other industries.

5.Company Information

Signi Aluminum devoted ourselves to Aluminum alloy prodsucts many years,covering most of Europe and the Americas market.We are expecting become your long team partner in China.

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