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Inconel 625 Superalloy Forgings

Last Updated: 2023-06-03

Inconel® 625 is a nickel-based superalloy known for its high strength and resistance to pressure, oxidation, and corrosion. Nickel alloys like alloy 625, and Inconel® 718, possess ideal traits required for extreme industrial applications, including aerospace, marine, chemical processing, and power generation.

Characteristics of Inconel 625 Alloy

Inconel 625®, also known as UNS N06625, is a durable nickel-based alloy known for its many ideal characteristics, thanks to the elements that make up this nickel-based alloy. Molybdenum and niobium provide the 625 alloy with superior strength properties. When used in high-temperature applications, nickel alloys create a protective oxide layer that enhances their heat resistance. Alloy 625 is known for its resistance to corrosion, resistance to oxidizing, and many other corrosive elements. Parts forged in this Inconel® alloy can withstand prolonged exposure to salt water, fresh water, air, neutral salts, and alkaline chemicals at high levels of heat and pressure.

Inconel 625 Forgings Applications

Because of their many ideal characteristics, nickel-based superalloys are used for many industrial applications. This is especially true for Inconel® 625 forged parts.

Alloy 625 (UNS N06625) is a very forgeable nickel alloy. Inconel® 625 be forged into seamless rolled rings and simple part shapes via open die forging applications, including barss and blocks, disks, stepped-shafts, and other simple open-die shapes. This Inconel alloy can also be used for semi-closed die forging applications. This is recommended for higher volume parts, finer tolerances, and less material waste on the completed forged part or specific grain flow requirements for enhanced mechanical properties.

Inconel® forged parts are used in various industrial applications. The aerospace sector relies on alloy 625 forged parts for several components, including aircraft engines, fuel lines, heat exchanger casings, and rocket components. The heat resistance properties of alloy 625 are ideal for heat shields, furnace hardware, and chemical plants. Some of the applications that require alloy 625 strength and resistance to corrosion are valves, seals, aircraft ducting systems, engine exhaust systems, turbine rings, heat exchangers, and land-based turbine components. Because of its ability to maintain strength at elevated temperatures, this alloy is often considered in advanced reactor concepts (ARC) and other energy and power generation uses.

Aerospace Engineering

Aircraft ducting systems

Engine exhaust systems

Thrust-reverser systems

Resistance welded honeycomb structures for housing engine controls

Fuel and hydraulic line tube

Spray barss


Turbine shroud rings

Heat-exchanger tube in environmental control systems

Combustion system transition liners

Turbine seals

Compressor vanes

Power Generation and Hardware Manufacturing

Gas turbine components

Industrial furnace and accessories

Heat exchangers


Land-based gas turbines

Inconel® 625 forged parts are also used for the following applications:

Heat shields

Furnace hardware

Gas turbine engine ducting

Combustion lines/spray barss

Chemical plant hardware

Special seawater applications

Inconel 625 Forgings Expertise

Inconel® 625 is a highly sought-after nickel-based superalloy due to its high strength, resistance to corrosion, and resistance to oxidizing this Inconel® alloy offers.

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